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Welcome to tianWEB!

tianWEB is a cloud based software platform that provides the most common computing needs for families or businesses. It is a place to create teams of family, friends or work. Sure an individual can use it if they so wish. However, its primarily for groups of people to have a secure space only for them and no one else.

This space is provided in units of sites. These sites come in many flavours, like the rooms in a house or an office. The types of sites form two distinct groups.

Portal sites: A portal site is like one's own bedroom or office room. Each individual member of a family or business has a portal site.

Team sites: A team site is for a group of people to collaborate. An example of a team site would be a department.

Sign up an account with tianWEB, you will be able to create unlimited sites; each account can have unlimited number of members.

What do the sites do?

Each site has a set of core functionalities:

What does it cost?

It is free to begin with. The cost charged by tianWEB is purely on usage, just like an electricity bill. An electricity charge for your home or office does not depend on how many people live in the home or the number of staff members in an office. The electricity cost is strictly on the number of units of electricity used. Similarly, the charges in tianWEB is for units of usage. One unit of usage costs AU$0.01 (1 cent).

Each account will get:

Additional units if needed can be purchased on a pre-paid basis.

Usage are measured in 5 areas

  • Server CPU usage
  • Network usage
  • File storage
  • Table storage
  • Outgoing emails

What can the software platform do for you?

Create new library
create a new library
Upload files to library
upload file(s) to library
Create new website
Create a new website
Create new user
add user(s) to website
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